Saturday, August 27, 2005 haunt...

spells rain
the hardest dew around the frailest parts
there is a whisper
and it tells
that the holder of this storms eye
is the
weakness maker
the flailer of flesh’s ghosts
the deal breaker

there were cries asking before this
demands made on the evening turned crisp light of morn
wagging their spit-tongues at night's edge

i do not want this
i never wanted

and the breaks of bright come in like the old fire that they are
gold hot and crammed with stories told rifle first
clipped by errand runners from news stands ago
there rises an iron pride
against the mass
the flailer of flesh’s ghosts
the godly made crass

those who held hard healed slow
died young
pressed by the invisible

the arranging of voids to form needs

once more she expels in earnest
i do not want this
i never wanted



Thursday, August 25, 2005 fishing...

good great
and the between
and here
and you left yesterday
a million years ago

hold this
you had said
while swimming

knee deep and seeing it through
the heavy moss
the darting live creatures unwilling
to lure
me in

make it harder to see you
when your not there

this does not qualify
this cannot matter

ghosts give up all the time

have to know that
have to


a begining i suppose

ah crap, here goes the most useless thing imaginable... more to come i suppose.