Thursday, September 15, 2005

...rather sleep...

swordplay clangs push on the inner
someone from the end of a hall
is yelling
or singing along
no way to know

so the choice becomes set
from restless and ire

headstrong one by one
pressure reminiscent
of see you later gone
with hold against grip lost

there is banging from the doors
and still the noise
like fire
eats at the walls with no subdue

cold floor on feet tired


there may be no way
to silence
save for


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


like banquet
the color and wheel style in
follow the every step

like feast
the made radius
no common

stamp close in parade of funeral love

lie like speeches have taught us to lie


jumble the effort
in with the high tide ride

we love you

they say

they always say


Sunday, September 11, 2005 part...

she crosses her
and hold back slash gasp
and falter goes sigh

this is not even the best she can give
but the frame
pulls in the worried edges

here comes the
all dressed in

how does one hit one’s own stride
weather through
or at the least hide the missing
under hand in hand and hand in hand
she wants to ask the quiet
inside her

but come on
let’s not kid




Monday, September 05, 2005 patriot...

pile the missteps and shore up the fronts
the carnage
the last bits of esteem

there is coverage on the way

curtail that look given loves
and fellows
amid memories
laiden with dust
or those fresh like hope

there is coverage on the way

and foul fault finders crossing the hairs

free up the gotten past
and the rest taken between the big parts
speread out the solace
and trample the littered pieces as to make them gone gone

there is coverage on the way

there is coverage on the way

there is coverage on the way


Saturday, September 03, 2005

...the neighbors can hear us...

full throttle and hand held is how one somehow
loses his love

against canvas tossed like water color magic

and you can’t even paint

let her have it
on the last day

let it out like snakes and pitfall gorgeous letdown
while hoping hard on tightrope chance

i miss you
into the full moon last night gone
and i love you
into the other woman’s ear

strong arm empty strolls along
what fortune once gave
like dervish and turn

fuck a gambit
and a strategy that would find it’s way through

cash and out

this never was any way


Thursday, September 01, 2005

...hope chest...

savage clean and picked
tremor shards and tickle
there are ruptures along the run of the of that last laugh
and fickle fissures in her smile

like a living room painting
of a boat at dock
or ducks in flight whispering saturday’s rockwell pleasant
there is a gilded lilt in her agree
and a death valley gone in her eye

god bless and save us
for why it would matter in the world slipped mad
is beautiful
and secret
and billion shared

left turns make races
and finish lines make champs
she finds neither in either
and some how tsk tsk hope
in all the marrow of us all


...can't miss...

scramble scramble
gosh gosh

find diamonds in each ears hand

crumble in each tiddly past

and horror crack horror

in the parts where you’ve said
i love you
i don’t care

fog bogs
the middle parts
stomach pains
the hardest bits forgotten all but that
toss toss the moments
like loose fur
or lunch

down she keeps
down she keeps